Loading Dock Bumpers

Steel Spring Bumper

- Uses 2 steel spring pads that absorb impact.

- Allows trailers to ride up and down the face with minimal friction.

- Laminated rubber section offers additional support for trailer impact.

- Tempered steel Springs mounted on 3/8 steel back plate.

- Steel springs easily removed for installation.

Loading Bumper 1

Steel Face Bumper

- Maximum protection of loading dock.

- Steel faced design for high traffic areas.

- Floating faceplate plated rods.

- Optional yellow truck guide face.

- Installation kits available.

Loading Bumper 2

Laminated Bumper

- Superior protection for building.

- Leveler, dock seal & vehicle restraint.

- Uniform flat face design.

- Reinforced laminated rubber segments.

- Zinc plated assembly hardware.

Loading Bumper 3

Molded Bumper

- Cost effective protection.

- Long lasting protection.

- Fiber reinforced rubber.

- Countersunk mounting holes.

- Easy installation.

- Installation kits available.

Loading Bumper 4